eRosita mirror

Each of the seven eRosita telescope modules consists of 54 nested special mirrors.

Pictures 01.06.2011

GROND on the telescope

GROND, mounted on the 2.2-meter MPG / ESO telescope at La Silla / Chile (dark blue buoy, center)

Pictures 05.03.2008

GROND detail

GROND's IR/VIS splitter

Pictures 07.07.2008

GROND on the telescope

The Gamma-ray Burst Optical Near-IR Detector (GROND) mounted on the 2.2 meter MPG/ESO telescope in La Silla / Chile

Pictures 01.okt..07

eROSITA mirror

Installation of eRosita mirror shells in the PANTER test lab

Pictures 12.02.2008

eROSITA mirror

Test / measurement of the mirror shells of the eRosita mirror in 2009

Pictures 2009

Chandra LETG zoom

Detail of the Chandra LETG (Low-Energy Transmission Grating). More than 500 single grating facets with 1000 lines/mm are mounted on a ring-shaped frame.

Supermassive Binary Black Holes

The NASA Chandra X-ray Observatory discovered that the unusually bright galaxy NGC 6240 does not contain one but two giant black holes.

XMM-Newton, pnCCD

X-ray CCD for XMM-Newton's pn-camera (developed and produced by the Halbleiterlabor)

XMM silicon chip, Xray CCD-camera

Silicon Chip of the XMM X-Ray CCD Camera. The 6 cm×6 cm large pn-CCD will be the heart of the EPIC/XMM camera. The picture shows the twelve chips mounted and the connections to the integrated [...]