GRO pre-launch tests

The Compton Gamma Ray Observatory during pre-launch tests at TRW

Pictures 1991

CGRO astronauts

Two of the astronauts (Linda M. Godwin and Steven R. Nagel) who had accompanied CGRO into space. They show a GRO model during their visit at MPE.

Pictures 1991

Morfill with CGRO

Gregor Morfill (standing) with a GRO model during a conference with the astronauts (2nd and 3rd from the left) and the GRO-PI Volker Schönfelder (center)

Pictures 1991


CGRO when placed in the cargo bay of the space shuttle Atlantis

Integration of COMPTEL into CGRO

In the US COMPTEL is integrated into the NASA observatory CGRO.

COMPTEL and EGRET allsky maps

Comptel and EGRET maps of the entire sky in their different energy ranges.