Soccer team during the "extraterrestric council" (picture 2)

Soccer team during the "extraterrestric council" in 1970 (version b/naming the persons on the foto)

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Public talks during Open Day 2015

The scientific talks and the discussion with the public audience were well attended during Open Day 2015.


Balloon experiment for the measurement of high-energy neutrons in cosmic radiation

The picture shows the completed balloon experiment for the measurement of high-energy neutrons between 70 and 250 MeV in cosmic radiation. Mr. Pinkau (left) was the initiator of this [...]

Pictures 1970


The astrochemistry exhibition offered some practical illustrations of chemistry (e.g. ice cream made with liquid nitrogen) to the visitors of the MPE open house 2015.

Pictures 2015-06-27

Infrared camera

The funktion of an infrared camera, presented as part of the MPE exhibition during open house 2015

Pictures 2015-06-27

IR camera

t the IR station the girls got ice cream and were then imaged with an infrared camera.

Open Day 2015

Visitors of the MPE exhibitions during Open Day 2015

Open House 2015

At MPE there was also an exhibition of ESA satellite models during Open House 2015.

Open House 2015

Exhibition on the Herschel Space Observatory