Terms of use for images and video material by the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics (MPE)

  1. MPE provides its images free-of-charge for educational and informational purposes only.
  2. Commercial use of any kind (including esp. the use of material for sale purposes or redistribution in image databases and/or catalogues), as well as for promotional use or use for merchandising and distribution in social media are prohibited.
  3. Any sales of the materials as well as a transmission to third parties either of the material itself or of the rights to it to third parties are explicitly excluded.
  4. All images are made available under copyright protection. Please indicate author and source in any publication: Author / Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
    Images or videos that are marked as originating from an external source may be used only with specifying the corresponding source and taking into account the conditions of use of the original source.
  5. A change of the metadata of the images is prohibited under any circumstances.
  6. The MPE logo is protected by law. Therefore, the above terms and conditions apply also for the logo and any image material where it is used.
  7. MPE reserves the right to alter or delete images without notice.

If you publish any of our material in print media we request a copy to the address below, in any electronic media a notification to the email given below:

Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics
85741 Garching bei München
Email: pr@mpe.mpg.de

For questions or comments please use our contact form.

Removal of images

The MPE makes every effort to protect the privacy rights of the persons concerned, so generally we identify only employees or persons closely related with the institute by name. If you discover a picture of yourself which you want to have removed, we will comply with this request as soon as possible. Please contact us at the address above or use our contact form.